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During this Stressful Time  ~  Let us Provide Total Peace of Mind!

The passing of a loved one is an unbearable time and planning the funeral just compounds the stress even more. 

Bringing families together to support each other is an imperative and important part of the healing process.

Preferred Travel Helpers makes the job easier by enabling friends and/or family to use our services to pay their respects and support the loved ones left behind. 

Preferred Travel Helpers can provide:

  • A Helper to those in need to be able to travel wherever they need to be in order to pay their final respects. 
  • The specific travel arrangements, bookings, car, hotel and Helper as required.
  • A Helper to pack, pick up family member, assist with checking in, luggage, security and accompany traveler to their final destination.
  • Solve issues that may arise such as flight delays, cancellations, ground transportation by providing a skilled, compassionate Helper.
  • Communicate with client's family members throughout the entire trip.
  • Provide assistance for as long as you need us to be there to Help with your loved one.

Preferred Travel Helpers makes it easy to utilize our services and we do work with Funeral Homes for bereavement travel assistance as part of our coporate referall program.

Please contact us for more information:

Preferred Travel Helpers
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